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What’s your animal?

Our 5 Trademarked Animals back at our Nest are more than just one of a kind creations!  They are each inspired and representative of my 5 fledglings.

Favorite Question:  Are there anymore animals on the way?  No, No, No… Our personal nest is officially closed:)  We decided to end on a Bird, Our Teddy Bird, just as we began, 9 years ago with our Signature Ava Bird.  Each of these Birds were curated by Artist, Anastacia Postema 9 years ago for our family.  In between developing and growing Little Bird Vintage Designs alongside the growth of our family, Erin Wallace Designed our Leo Lion, Maximus Octopus and Kalli Gecko–Each sharing the same eye and curve to their tails {tentacles}!

The Animals are individually featured on each of the 4 Product Lines.  Fall in love with one, or mix and match as we do back in our Nest!

Shop your favorite today!  AND I’d love to know your personal fave!  Of course, I can’t choose between the 5 😉

Wishing you warmth, love and happiness!



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