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Adding to the Nest…

Well, I have a big announcement….. For all of those who have asked, “Will there be additional animals?” and to whom I’ve responded, “No, that would require me to have more children, since each of the 4 Trademarked Little Bird Animals represent each of my 4 Children..”  Well, I am now excited to announce, 22 weeks into it, we will be having a 5th addition to our Home and Little Bird Nest June, 2015!

Theodore Orion (pronounced O-ryan) Calling him Teddy.

Theodore is not only named for the loveable, adventurous President, Theodore Roosevelt, but also means God-Given.  Orion is for the Greek hunter whom the constellation is named for, and also means Light from Heaven…

We will debut Teddy’s animal this summer–but look for sneak peaks soon!! 
Much to come in 2015!   Looking forward to sharing all the Good News with each of you!
Thank you for your continued love and support of our Little Bird Project–Spreading Warmth, Love and Happiness throughout the world, one Little Bird at time.
Joyfully Optimistic Bird,
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Give at The Center for Family Relations in San Antonio

What a beautiful and exciting way to wrap up 2014!  Little Bird Vintage Designs partnered up with The Center of Family Relations in San Antonio, Texas for Little Bird’s Fall Quarter Blanket Give!  Our Little Bird team met at their facility on December 18th to enjoy an afternoon of holiday snacks and Little Bird crafting as we met and personally gave Little Bird Blankets, from our Buy Love, Give Love Program, to children within the organization.

The Center of Family Relations provides a Monitored Exchange Service which allows children to go from one parent to the other without the parents meeting.  I encourage you to head to their website and learn all of what The Center offers  to families throughout our community.

It’s a beautiful, needed and inspiring service.

Little Bird is collaborating with the The Center on a specific Give item for future Gives: A Lovie sized blanket to be included in visits as a therapeutic outlet and tool.  Each child would be able to pick out their own Little Bird Lovie to bring to each future visitation as a form of comfort, security and safety.

It was such a fun Give, that we look forward to continuing throughout 2015!



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give cfrgive

Thank you for participating in our Gives through your purchases.  You make each Give possible.

Here’s to MANY more Gives in 2015!

Joyfully Optimistic Bird,

Grace Berios

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Spotlight on Little Bird Lovies!


Little Bird Lovies make the perfect gift for all sizes and ages this holiday season! It’s 20″x20″ square minky size makes it ideal for infants, they tuck neatly around your baby in the car seat and stroller, keeping him/her snug and secure without dragging. We used to tuck one around our swaddled babes in the crib, ensuring extra security and warmth through the night. Each Little Bird Lovie features one of our Hand Painted bold, Trademarked animals {Bird, Lion, Octopus and Gecko} appliqued front and center! Each Hand Painted Animal is triple coated and heat set, ensuring your Lovie will not fade, but will simply get softer and softer with each use and wash.

With each Purchase of a Little Bird Lovie, Blanket or Pillow, Little Bird donates a Little Bird Blanket to a person in need through our Buy Love, Give Love Program. Our Mission: To Spread Warmth, Love, and Happiness throughout the world, one Little Bird at a time. And, thanks to your support, we’re doing just that! To date, Little Bird has donated 148 Little Bird Blankets. This month, Little Bird will donate 12 blankets to families within the Center for Family Relations in San Antonio, as well as 2 blankets to The Seaside Health Clinic in Louisiana.

December Special: FREE Eco Friendly Tote included with purchase of Lovie, Blanket or Pillow. Orders to arrive by Christmas must be placed before December 19th please!!

Thank you for supporting Local and Our Mission!

Joyfully Optimistic Bird,


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Happy Birthday Little Bird!!!

Little Bird Vintage Designs turns 7 years old this week!!!

It’s hard to believe that this venture began way back in our Corpus Christi days with 1 fledgling filling our Nest and a best mama friend who taught me the LOVE of creating and sewing and fiber arts, Staci Postema.  I’ve attached a captured image below of the VERY first ever Ava Bird Lovie, given to Ava as a goodbye gift when Staci and family moved away from our everyday life in January, 2007, still very much in use and loved in our Nest by our Maximus who only uses THIS LOVIE, and no other, not even his own Octopus Lovie will suffice…  And an original picture of the then Little Bird Team, Staci and Eli, Ava and me.:) I love this picture and the memories it evokes and the spark that both of these gifts ignited so long ago now.

The Original Little Bird Lovie :)

My favorite addition to the Nest, aside from the other 3 fledglings that arrived of course, is the Buy Love, Give Love concept Little Bird adopted a few years back.  Spreading warmth, LOVE and joy throughout the world, one little bird {lion}, {octopus}, {gecko}, at a time.

Wishing you a Fabulous day!  I hope it’s filled with Warmth, Love and Joy, and lots of togetherness!