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The Making of your Bird (Lion, Octopus and Gecko)!

Ever wonder how your Bird (Lion, Octopus or Gecko) from Little Bird Vintage Designs comes to life? In this series, I walk you through, step by step on the making of your Little Bird Blanket! Featuring our New Ava Bird Blanket with our Signature Ava Bird on a beautiful setting of Purple and Mint was inspired by my oldest daughter, 10 years ago! We’ve had 4 more additions to our Nest since and over 13 Collections within 4 Product lines to choose from!

Each of the 5 Trademarked Animals from Little Bird Vintage Designs are hand painted, (triple coated and heat set to ensure your Bird, Lion, Octopus or Gecko stay bold and bright with each wash and use) individually stitched (as highlighted in the video below) and then appliquéd onto one of the 4 product lines offered at Little Bird!

I hope you enjoy this Making of your Bird Series!

When a Blanket//Lovie//Pillow is purchased from Little Bird Vintage Designs, a Little Bird blanket is donated to a child in need at a local Children’s Shelter. Because I believe every child should be wrapped in warmth, love and happiness everyday.

Enjoy and follow along! And a great way to support a socially responsible small business is to share the good news! Comment below and I’ll personally thank you 🙂

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Lovies Make the Best Infant Blanket

I’ve been asked so many times:  Why the 20″x20″ Minky Blanket?

From my mommy perspective, I feel it is the perfect size!  It tucks neatly and snuggly around the infant in a carseat and stroller.  Number one benefit to that as opposed to larger blankets is that it does not drag or get caught in tire.  I love that.  The incredibly luscious, silky, Minky, appliquéd square not only ensures the infant stays completely warm and comforted, the brightly painted Trademarked Little Bird Vintage Designs Animals appliquéd right in the center offers a whimsically fun accent!

Win, Win!

Another win I’ve discovered, as my children have grown, their Lovie has remained a safe, secure source of warmth, LOVE and happiness for them, much like a security blanket–but without the length to drag around!  Although they need it 24 hours, it’s not nearly as filthy as some security blankets I’ve seen! 😉

The original inspiration to what started Little Bird Vintage Designs 8 1/2 years ago, was from the gift of the first Lovie, from Staci Postema, pictured here. The Original Little Bird Lovie :)It was love at first sight and the spark that ignited the dream of Little Bird!  The Lovie became our Signature product.  Postema would paint and stitch each Bird, and I would appliqué and produce the Lovies to sell.  Demand for our product at a local boutique in Corpus Christi, Texas, Belly & Baby, grew so high that Postema could no longer keep up with production.  In the Fall of 2007, I took over the entire production of Little Bird Vintage Designs, and since then 3 more animals and 4 more product lines have been added!

This week on the Vlog I give examples of why we adore Little Bird Vintage Designs Lovies.  I would love to hear from you!  How is your Little Bird Vintage Designs Lovie loved and in flight!

Comment below and be entered in the drawing for the August Give!  {MORE INFO TO COME!}

We are so excited to have you in our Flock!

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