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Bambino’s Fall Event with Little Bird October 15th!

Little Bird Vintage Designs is proud to partner up with Bambinos Boutique in San Antonio, Texas!  Come see us Saturday, October 15th at their Silhouette Event with Papers Hearts and Scissors!

DEBUTING NEW Limited Edition Winter Collection as well as NEW MINI Lovies and Christmas Ornaments with a Purpose!

Each purchase from Little Bird benefits local organizations.

The Children’s Shelter, where Blankets are donated from each purchase of a Little Bird Blanket, Pillow or Lovie;

5% from ALL Little Bird Apparel and Accessory items provide meals to the @safoodbank.

Karen Jenkins Saunders, owner of Bambinos – Baby & Children’s Boutique will be donating all proceeds made from Little Birds on Saturday, October 15th to Threads of Love San Antonio, a local non profit that benefits Premies and families of NICU babies locally! So get out your Christmas List and come Shop Little Bird this weekend at Bambinos!!

An Extension of our Buy Love, Give Love Branch.  With Every Minky Pillow, Lovie or Blanket purchase, a Blanket is donated to a child in need that is receiving care and services at the Children’s Shelter.  

From the sales in our fall/winter quarters in 2015, 1750 meals were provided and 40 blankets were donated to children throughout San Antonio from the funds donated from Little Bird thanks to your support and purchases!  

Our Goal for 2016:

3500 meals DONATED along with 150 Blankets to the Children’s Shelter of San Antonio!  

Special For the Bambino’s Event Saturday, October 15th:

Bring in 9 of the recommended 12 Pantry items to donate to the San Antonio Food Bank and receive 

a Free Eco Friendly Tote Bag from Little Bird!!!



Each product created, produced and sold at Little Bird Vintage Designs has a Give associated with it and is produced in the most eco-friendly, socially responsible manner.  From the online shop back at our Nest to a boutique near you, our packaging clearly states what is wrapped within each purchase.  Our Buy Love, Give Love Branch and philosophy is to spread warmth, love and happiness, one little bird at a time.  It’s easy to be part of the giving; simply shop Little Bird Vintage Designs!

Come See us Saturday, October 15th!


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Environmentally Conscious

When Little Bird Vintage Designs™ began to offer a Printed Line, back in 2011, Environmentally Conscious printing methods was a must. The Direct To Garment Printing method was the clear choice to use due to it’s zero impact on the environment in production. All inks used in this printing method for Little Bird Vintage Designs products are 100% water based, chemical free. And each item is individually printed to ensure 100% attention to quality and consistency every time.  We are thrilled to present our Printed Earth and Kid friendly product line!  We hope this trend catches on!

Shop your favorite Little Bird Vintage Designs Collection today!

Wishing you warmth, Love and happiness!



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Socially Responsible Company

Community plays a large role in Little Bird Vintage Designs™ .   We value supporting Local as much as possible from production to our Gives. Each LBVD Product produced is entirely created within a 70 mile radius!

The Appliqués are hand-painted in New Braunfels and San Antonio and Sewn in San Antonio, our printed line is produced in a factory in Bastrop, Texas, just South of Austin, Texas. As we grow, LBVD plans to keep hiring and production within the South Texas region in and around San Antonio, Texas Headquarters.

There is a Give associated with every product produced and sold at Little Bird Vintage Designs.  Our Buy Love, Give Love Branch.

  • For every Lovie, Blanket or Pillow sold, a Blanket is donated to a child in need.
  • In addition, Little Bird Vintage Designs donates 5% to programs that benefit children within each community Little Bird Vintage Designs product is sold.

Through our Buy Love, Give Love Program, we center our Gives around each community the product is sold.

LBVD has partnered up with specific organizations to ensure the most beneficial distribution of donated product needs are met. For example, with our donations to the Guardian House in San Antonio, they were in need of blankets as well as a smaller sized option to be used as a therapeutic aide. We were more than happy to work with the Guardian House to design the perfect product to suit their children’s needs.

Come be a part of the Giving and Shop your favorite Little Bird Vintage Designs product!

Wishing you warmth, love and happiness!



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It all started with a… {Part 1}

Each year I tell the magical startup tale of Little Bird Vintage Designs.  “It all began with a Lovie and our Signature Ava Bird.”   Little Bird Vintage Designs got started 9 years ago this month in Corpus Christi, TX.  My husband was beginning his residency, and we were starting our family with just the one, Ava.

A Hand Painted, originally designed, Ava Bird Lovie was given to Ava as a goodbye gift from my very best and probably most influential of mommy friends, Anastacia Postema.  It was love at first sight!  I knew right then and there in the doorway of our tiny apartment, this was IT!  This was the product I had been dreaming of when I envisioned being an entrepreneur — I had found it!  The moment was magical, I still remember it as if it was yesterday.  I told Anastacia my plan and got to work on implementing it the very next day by heading to the court house and registering Little Bird Vintage Design (Side Note: in 2011, I officially changed the name to Little Bird Vintage Designs.)  It was the first name that came to mind, and since I couldn’t imagine anything but a bird at the time, it just felt perfect.  And the rest is history….

The Original Little Bird Lovie :)The original Ava Bird Lovie!The Original Little Bird Team!

Anastacia Postema, Ava, Eli and me, 9 years ago…

But did you know it actually all started with TWO Birds?!?!  

Stephanie Harrison of Belly and Baby, now Little Paper Crowns took a huge leap of faith in us right from the beginning and started our initial following and orders for product that February.  It became clear that we were limiting our audience by just offering the feminine Ava Bird.  Thus, a boy version was born!  Since I was a novice at sewing and crafting, I could not figure out how to reduce the size of his hair to accommodate the set 20″ x 20″ Lovie pattern that we had become accustomed to developing, so his existence was only lived out in a few rare samples.

Until NOW!

It is SO unbelievably cool how God works.

Looking back on every step of this business, all 9 years of it, things have gone exactly how things should for each period and season of my life.

  • In 2007 we hatched the Signature Ava Bird and Lovie.
  • In 2008, Leo the Lion, created by our Graphic Designer and Visual Creator, Erin Wallace, arrived and the Nest hasn’t been the same since.
  • In 2009, Maximus Our Octopus came to be and donned the same signature eyes and curve to his tentacles just like the Ava Bird and Leo Lion.
  • In 2010, My husband finished Residency and we moved our Nest to San Antonio, TX just as the market was crashing, Boutiques were leary of homemade businesses and I was expecting our 4th…. Needless to say, I took a tiny step back from Little Bird to regroup….

By the Summer of 2011–our 4th and {final} animal was discovered through brainstorming with Erin over email. (We have never met in person, all these 8 years, and 3 animals, and many web designs between us.)  We new we wanted a reptile, but all the sketches looked too characteristic of Pascal from the new film “Tangled”. Until, my husband struck a pose at the fridge in our kitchen, I took a picture and sent it over immediately, the next day, the design of the Kalli Gecko was born!

  • That year (2011) we not only Launched our 4th Trademarked Design but also our new Eco Friendly Printed Collection.  This Eco Friendly Collection features a new organic option of printing versus the standard Screen Print.  The Method is called Direct to Garment Print and uses 100% water based inks, and blends into the fabric rather than laying on top. It is 100% Environment and People safe. Each animal got a full Collection of both Hand Painted Appliquéd Products and Eco Friendly Print Products.
  • December of 2011, I read the wonderful book Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes, and was immediately inspired!  If I was going to do this, I sure better be doing it with purpose and for a purpose!
  • The Buy Love, Give Love segment of Little Bird Vintage Designs was added and the “One for One” model adopted–“For every Blanket, Lovie, Pillow purchased, Little Bird Vintage Designs donates a blanket to a child in need.  Buy Love, Give Love.”  And we do just that, with the hopes of “Spreading warmth, Love and Happiness throughout the World, one Little Bird at a time.”
  • To date, 228 Blankets have been donated around the world.  Visit our Buy Love, Give Love page on the site to read more.

It had been a dream of mine since the beginning to get in Whole Foods Market and on the Ellen Show, AND guess what!  I’m still awaiting my invite to the Ellen Show, but we have been selling out on Aisle 8 of the Flagship Location of Whole Foods Market on Lamar, in Downtown Austin, Texas since the Spring of 2015!!!  In fact, right next to TOMS Shoes in the Whole Body Department!  

Yes, things were growing almost as if I had planned it …

2015 was GREAT, unexpectedly amazing, moving, humbling–to say the least!  I solidified my presence and title of self proclaimed Mompreneur and can hardly wait to show you our Latest Addition to our Nest!!  Come Back February!  I will debut our Latest Addition to our Nest on the 1st day of my favorite shortest month of the year!!  Until Then… Check out our Fresh New Shop Layout on the Site!  Sorted by Animal, featuring each of the 5 Trademarked Designs’ Full Collections including our newest accessory–Little Bird Vintage Designs TERVIS!!!!

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Little Bird Gives 30 Blankets to Orphanage in Belize

Thanks to your Spring and Summer, 2015 Purchases, Little Bird Vintage Designs donated 30 blankets to an orphange in Ladyville, Belize!

Our very own Taira Alderman-Drews and good friend of the Nest, Lisa Piraino, were able to personally make the Blanket Drop to Liberty Orphanage in Belize! They actually stayed at the orphanage for a week, serving, playing and really getting quality time with each of the children.

They brought along a Little Bird craft to color alongside of them and really got a chance to know their personalities before handing out the blankets—ensuring each got the animal and blanket suited to their personalities. I loved that! Her story is so endearing, it makes you feel as if you were right there with her distributing the Love, Warmth and Happiness!

Looking so forward to our next Give and many more to come thanks to your continuous support through purchasing Little Bird Vintage Designs Blankets/Lovies/Pillows and more!

SHOP NOW to help support our next Give to the Center of Family Relations.

Little Bird Blankets/Lovies/Pillows for purchase.

Read more:  Buy Love, Give Love Program

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August Give Away–Here’s How to Win!

This Vlog Series is new to the Nest, but I have challenged myself and team to put out 1 video a week–4 for the entire month. Each Vlog entry will have an underlying theme running throughout the entire month and at least one product featured in each week will be added to our Give Away Basket to be given the Final Day of the month and announced at the beginning episode of the next month.

We want to make it easy and fun for you to enter so I’ve created a list of:

WAYS TO ENTER GIVEAWAY {do one or all of these as many times as you’d like!}
*Comment Below (Love feedback!)
*Friend us on Instagram and Twitter (2 entries there!)
*’Like’ us on Facebook!
*Sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date on ALL happenings back at the Nest
*Tag Pictures of your Little Bird Product out and about! {#littlebirdvintagedesigns or simply #LBVDLove, #buylovegivelove or make up your own tag and let me know and share it with us!}
*Share links of Little Bird Vintage Designs Vlogs, Blogs, Purchases or Posts on your Social Media!
*Make a purchase! {1 entry per $5 spent!} Did you know that each Little Bird Vintage Designs Product has a GIVE included with it?! Read more back at the Site under our Buy Love, Give Love Page.

There you have it–so many ways to enter, so many chances of winning!! It’s an AWESOME basket too!

So far it includes an Octopus EF Tote and Octopus 100% ORganic Gown from our DTG vs Screen Print Episode, and a Rigby Lovie from our Lovie Episode.  All the makings for a perfect WELCOME TO THE NEST, Baby Gift!  Tune in this week to see the latest Little Bird Vintage Designs item {hint:  It’s probably from the Octopus family ;)}  And be sure to enter to win!  

Tune back in Next week {subscribe to our channel to ensure you won’t miss it!} as I show off the New Hand Painted Appliqued LapTees, Crews and Raglans!!! Just in time for Back to School!

As always, your feedback is ALWAYS welcome!
We love it and be sure to follow along the journey:

Instagram: @littlebirdvintagedesigns
Twitter: @littlebirdvint

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Buy Love, Give Love Blankets Given to aide in Child Therapy

Little Bird Vintage Designs is all about Spreading Warmth, LOVE and happiness and does just that!  When you purchase one of our Products, were you aware that each one has a Give attached to it? With our Blanket/Pillow/Lovie Collections, a blanket is given to a child in need.  Buy Love, Give Love.

Our most recent give took place right in here in San Antonio, Texas at the Center for Family Relations. We co-hosted a party along with the Center for their families that benefit from the services that the Center provides.  Each Child received a Give Blanket and ‘painted their own Bird {Lion, Octopus and Gecko}’ through our Little Bird Craft that we bring to all events.

We are so excited to partner up with the Center to offer continual Gives that benefit their Therapy sessions.  Alongside of the Executive Director, Shannon White, a unique Give Blanket was created to offer as a Therapy tool.  More to come on this as we introduce it into their sessions and receive feedback.

Until then, I’ll share the note we received from the Center the other day.  You play a major role in our Little Bird Gives.  Your purchases and spreading the word of Little Bird helps us to Give more!  Stay tuned for our next Give:  Our very own Taira Alderman Drews will be personally making a Blanket drop in an Orphanage in Belize on the 23rd of August!  Look for much more on that Give in September!

Dear Grace,

On behalf of the families and staff at the Center for Family Relations, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of Little Bird Vintage Designs blankets.  Our families had a wonderful time at the Give event and have fallen in love with their blankets.  One of our little clients was going to begin seeing her father at our center; she hadn’t seen him for a while and was a bit nervous.  The Give event was her first introduction to our staff and facility.  At the Give, she played with staff and other children, engaged in the art activities you provided and had cookies…. She was joyful and lugging her blanket around like an old friend.  Her tension replaced by confidence and security, she came easily to the Center for her visits.

One look in the eyes of a child that received a gift of your blanket, and one understands that this is not just a blanket to them.  It is a tangible expression of security, love and hope.  At the Center for Family Relations, we utilize the Little Bird blanket as a therapeutic tool.  For many Children coming to visit their parent in a supervised setting there may be elements of fear, anxiety, loss of control, anger and confusion.  The Little Bird blanket goes such a long way in helping alleviate those feelings… the soft, textured material is soothing and comforting; the blanket provides a sense of control, security.  It is a gift of love and hope.

As you know, not all of the blankets were given out at the Give event.  I would like to share the story about what happened with two of the Little Bird Blankets that were awaiting a home.  Grandma brought in her pre-teen granddaughter and grandson for grief counseling — their mother had recently died unexpectedly and Christmas was right around the corner.  They were struggling under the weight of this turn of events.  After their session, the counselor presented a blanket to each of the children.  Both they, and grandma, begin to cry.  They explained that this was the first time they had really been able to talk about their mother’s death, and their blankets were the first sense of peace that had experienced.  They shared, through their tears, that they will think of her every time they use their blanket.

Thank you for sharing your joyful optimism with the children at the Center for Family Relations.  These beautiful blankets unfold a story of comfort, love and joy at a time when they so need it… when their world has been turned upside-down.  We appreciate you designating the Center for Family Relations a a partner for your Buy Love, Give Love program, and we look forward to continuing to partner with you!


Shannon White, MS, LPC-S

Executive Director

give Untitled copyDSC_0060DSC_0041

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God’s Gift, Light from Heaven

The summer of Teddy… That’s what the Summer of 2015 will go down in history as…  Our world completely changed the day we got the surprise news we were unexpectedly expecting again after closing that chapter in our lives when our 4th arrived.  Little Bird was our 5th child!  God had other plans in mind, and once we made the decision to accept and move forward with trusting in His plan, and letting go of our image of “The Perfect Plan”, we haven’t looked back.   John and I had no idea we had always obviously needed 5 children, we can’t remember what life was like without Teddy!  What a gift!

He arrived early and fast!  {I had my first contraction at noon and he was here by 4:02pm that day–we had to decide, do we go pick  the kids up from school or head straight to the hospital and have family pick the other 4 up???  So glad we chose the Hospital route.;)} He made his grand entrance into the world 12 minutes after we arrived!

His signature hair is proof of his speedy delivery!     

The day we found out the sex of Teddy, at week 13, we found out he was even more of a special gift than we could have imagined.  I can now officially speak from experience from birthing 5 children, you never know how you will react to the news:  Your baby has Down Syndrome, until you hear that exact statement directed at you.  And all the stories are true and immediately relatable.  You instantly know that gut wrenching, uncontrollable, inevitable sadness and despair that envelopes you, mourning the loss of the hope of a “healthy” child.  The uncertainty that follows.  The darkness.  The conversations that come, the choices that have to be decided upon.  The leaning on faith and trusting…  And then, just like many of the stories you hear, there is a light!  And just as quickly as  the news was delivered, that dark period of grief and loss that felt so overwhelming, becomes a blip in your distant memory, the crevice in your heart slowly fills with a new, brighter joy and you find your way out.  At least that was the case for me.  Of course a much abbreviated explanation of my reaction, but there is no need to dwell in that time for me.  In fact, I am so grateful for the gift of experiencing that sorrow ahead of his arrival so that not only I could welcome him into this world with such wide open loving arms, but I could prepare all his loved ones hearts as well.  It’s a natural response to grieve the expectation of a 100% healthy child, but I am so glad to have had the first hand knowledge of knowing our vision of 100% is somewhat limited and lacking.  Each one of my 5 are 100%+ perfect the second I meet them!  And Teddy was no exception.  He was perfect.  He is perfect.

I was struggling with how to bring his uniqueness out into the conversation.  God’s presence and voice was so strong and present throughout my pregnancy and even stronger now that he has arrived.  I feel the overwhelming desire to shout it to the world, and spread the Good News!  I am so grateful and joyous that I get this front row seat to witness first hand God’s plan unfold in not only Teddy, but my other 4 gifts, his siblings and my husband and myself.  He already has shown us so many gifts in ourselves and our family that we never expected, and has proven time and again that He is in control and to trust solely in HIM.  Since I relinquished my vision of “The Perfect Plan” for my life, he has shown me so much more than I could have ever dreamed, and opened my eyes to the beauty that comes in faith and trust.

I am thankful and thrilled for what’s to come…

Needless to say, Little Bird has slowed slightly–not nearly as much as I expected from transitioning a family of 6 to a family of 7, but I do appreciate your patience as we adapt to our present.  I now start each day differently, and with an attitude that is evident in my actions going forward as a daughter, wife, mother, and business owner, ‘Let thine Will be done’!

I felt strongly that I needed to share this with you.  I run things completely differently than I did last Fall, and I am so glad for the opportunity to share my heart and be vulnerable with you.  I am so joyous for this life I have been given and truly want to Shout it Out–and I hope it shows throughout my family, friends, community and in my business.

You will notice some additions to help make you feel more a part of the Flock with our monthly Newsletters–sign up below if you haven’t already, our new Vlog on youtube, which gives you a more behind the scene glance of all things Little Bird and the decisions that go into perfecting each product–including the making of a Little Bird Product start to finish!  You can now purchase everything directly from our Website:, and Little Bird Vintage Designs products are also being sold at select Whole Foods Market and boutiques throughout Texas.  As we grow and expand into different venues, we want you to know that our online shop will always be available 24/7!  Keep up to date with Flash Sales and promotions by following along with us on our Social Media outlets too!  {sign up for all of the above through their links to stay completely up to date with all things Little Bird}.

Yes, Teddy will have a new animal that is chosen and was actually created 8 years ago by the original Designer of the Ava Bird, Anastacia Postema.  Although it was Trademarked, it was never added to the Nest officially–until now!  Hoping to debut him by September!!  Thank you for your patience, though!  He came so early, we weren’t ready to for him!;)

Thank you again for all of your support and love for Little Bird Vintage Designs and all that it means to me and my family.  I am excited for what’s to come and glad to share in the bright future with you!

Wishing you warmth, Love and happiness all the days of your life~

Joyfully Optimistic Bird,