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10 Years Looks Warm, Loving and Happy!

This dream of mine came to be in 2007. My firstborn was 6 months old and I was given a gift. It was the first ever, Ava Bird lovie, personally created and crafted by Stacy Postema, and it was love at first sight! I knew then that this bird was what I had been waiting for my entire life…


I love to tell the story of Little Bird Vintage Designs, how it came to be, how far it’s come today, alongside my family of seven! This month, 10 years ago marks the beginning of this adventure. Little Bird pulled me through those days of early motherhood, along with it, loss of identity, creativity and contributing purpose and value. While supporting my husband through his residency with a full time job as well as raising our three kids during that time frame, Little Bird provided me with a purposeful outlet. It was both creative and meaningful for me. I think all parents long for some sort of positive, creative outlet. Mine has been Little Bird.


By 2011, our fourth inspired trademarked design–the Kalli Gecko was introduced as well as the eco-friendly alternative to screen print. Our direct to garment line debuted spotlighting all four trademarked animals in addition to the painted appliqued line in order to offer a lower price point to our growing customer base.


Our Buy Love, Give Love Branch was born in December of that year, after reading Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie. I was inspired through his story to join the socially conscious movement and teach my children how one person, one family, one business can be successful AND make a positive impact on the world around them. From our sales that year, we were able to give 40 Little Bird blankets to SAMMinistries, a homeless shelter for families. 285 blankets have since been donated as our business has continued to grow.


In 2015, we were surprised with the joy of a 5th child! The Teddy Bird was introduced to our nest, both in home and business. His presence makes us complete and whole. I can’t imagine looking back, how we ever thought our nest was closed before he arrived! NOW, it’s really official. No more animals until perhaps grandchildren arrive!


The goal for last year was to get our product into boutiques throughout Texas and Whole Foods. We succeeded tremendously! Not only did we get into Whole Foods, Little Bird could be found on the 8th aisle of their flagship location on Lamar and 6th street in Austin, Texas! An end cap, right next to TOMS shoes, I might add! What a testimony and example of God’s provision and grace. We are also in leading boutiques throughout South Texas. In August, Cultivated Kids, the Earnie Award Winning Dallas Showroom, picked us up and now Little Bird product can be found year round in their beautiful showroom!


This year, I look forward to partnering with children’s shelters throughout the nation and finding a way provide each of the children who enter their facilities with a blanket from Little Bird, ensuring warmth, love and happiness is spread throughout the world. Through our Buy Love, Give Love Branch, a blanket is donated to a child in need with every purchase of a blanket, lovie or pillow. In 2016, I resolved that a give be associated with every product produced and sold by Little Bird.   For every apparel and accessory item sold, meals are provided to children in need throughout each community via our partnering Feeding America® programs and local food banks. This past year, 3500 meals were donated from your support and purchases! We look forward to watching these new chapters unfold as we continue to spread warmth, love and happiness, one little bird at a time.

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Happy Birthday Little Bird!!!

Little Bird Vintage Designs turns 7 years old this week!!!

It’s hard to believe that this venture began way back in our Corpus Christi days with 1 fledgling filling our Nest and a best mama friend who taught me the LOVE of creating and sewing and fiber arts, Staci Postema.  I’ve attached a captured image below of the VERY first ever Ava Bird Lovie, given to Ava as a goodbye gift when Staci and family moved away from our everyday life in January, 2007, still very much in use and loved in our Nest by our Maximus who only uses THIS LOVIE, and no other, not even his own Octopus Lovie will suffice…  And an original picture of the then Little Bird Team, Staci and Eli, Ava and me.:) I love this picture and the memories it evokes and the spark that both of these gifts ignited so long ago now.

The Original Little Bird Lovie :)

My favorite addition to the Nest, aside from the other 3 fledglings that arrived of course, is the Buy Love, Give Love concept Little Bird adopted a few years back.  Spreading warmth, LOVE and joy throughout the world, one little bird {lion}, {octopus}, {gecko}, at a time.

Wishing you a Fabulous day!  I hope it’s filled with Warmth, Love and Joy, and lots of togetherness!