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Donation of 40 Blankets to SAMMinistries in 2011

Buy Love, Give Love Program

In 2011 we were able to donate 40 blankets to a local San Antonian  organization, SAMMinistries, a homeless shelter that supports families in need.  They have a campus that provides housing and assistance in order to directly support these families.

Little Bird’s Branching Out projects have been centered around things that I hold dear to my heart, such as security, safety and income through a steady job, all things which I am extremely grateful for.  When I travel, I nearly come unhinged with the absence of a routine, so I could not imagine having insecurities in these major areas of my life.  My five fledglings are lovie and blanket enthusiasts!  Lovies bring such happiness to each of them and provide them with a sense of protection and security, especially when we travel!  It is my wish to provide a similar sense of security, warmth and love to all children–whether through purchase or, as in this case, the donation of a blanket.

I received a really sweet thank you note from SAMMinistries, and a couple of pictures of a blanket in use from this sweet little girl!  It meant a lot to me, and made me even more thankful for you, all our Little Bird fans who made such a gift possible.  I thought I’d share them with you,  thank you!

Dear Grace,

On behalf of the smallest residents in our SAMM shelters, thank you for your thoughtful donation of blankets!  It is clear from your email that this donation is truly a gift from your heart.  Your sincerity and generosity are so special and I want to thank you for sharing of yourself and your business with those who are struggling.

…I had the opportunity last week to meet a sweet three-year-old little girl at our Haven for Hope campus.  Little Bird Vintage Designs blanket with 3-year-old recipient (1)She is pictured in the attached photos using one of the Little Bird blankets.  She had the brightest smile and was eager to have her photo taken with the new blanket.  Her mom just brought home a new baby sister for her (just a few weeks old) and I am sure that the blanket will give her comfort during the transition.  I hope you can see that your blankets are truly making an impact. 


Thank you for thinking of SAMMinistries for your outreach and donations.



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