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The Center for Family Relations Give

Giving Tree_smallThroughout 2015, Little Bird Vintage Designs focused it’s giving efforts toward benefiting local non-profit organizations in San Antonio, Texas such as The Center for Family Relations, now known officially as The Guardian House.   I would like to be more intentional in the blanket donations and worked alongside their Executive Director, Shannon White, to develop the a product that would act not only as an item of comfort and love to the recipient, but also aid in counseling sessions as a therapeutic tool.  We developed a 10″x10″ version of our Lovie and used our smaller animals in the corner of the soft minky square.  They were a  hit and we were so happy to work with the agency to ensure the donated blankets would indeed be needed, used and loved.  I’ve attached the thank you note we received from Mrs. White since you play a pivotal role in our ability to donate.  With each product you purchase from Little Bird Product, we GIVE!  We call this our Buy Love, Give Love Branch.

Dear Little Bird Vintage Designs,

On behalf of the families and staff at the Center for Family Relations, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of Little Bird Vintage Designs blankets. Our families had a wonderful time at the Give event and have fallen in love with their blankets. One of our little clients was going to begin seeing her father at our center; she hadn’t seen him for a while and was a bit nervous. The Give event was her first introduction to our staff and facility. At the Give, she played with staff and other children, engaged in the art activities you provided and had cookies…she was joyful and lugging her blanket around like an old friend. Her tension replaced by confidence and security, she came easily to the Center for her visits.

One look in the eyes of a child that has received a gift of your blanket, and one understands that this is not just a blanket to them. It is a tangible expression of security, love and hope. At the Center for Family Relations, we utilize the Little Bird blanket as a therapeutic tool. For many children coming to visit their parent in a supervised setting there may be elements of fear, anxiety, loss of control, anger and confusion. The Little Bird blanket goes such a long way in helping alleviate those feelings…the soft, textured material is soothing and comforting; the blanket provides a sense of control, security. It is a gift of love and hope.

As you know, not all of the blankets were given out at the Give event. I would like to share the story about what happened with two of the Little Bird blankets that were awaiting a home. Grandma brought in her pre-teen granddaughter and grandson for grief counseling – their mother had recently died unexpectedly and Christmas was right around the corner. They were struggling under the weight of this turn of events. After their session, the counselor presented a blanket to each of the children. Both they, and grandma, began to cry. They explained that this was the first time they had really been able to talk about their mother’s death, and their blankets were the first sense of peace they had experienced. They shared, through their tears, that they will think of her every time they use their blanket.

Thank you for sharing your joyful optimism with the children at the Center for Family Relations. These beautiful blankets unfold a story of comfort, love and joy at a time when they so need it…when their world has been turned upside-down. We appreciate you designating the Center for Family Relations as a partner for your Buy Love, Give Love program, and we look forward to continuing to partner with you!


Shannon White


Giving Back_smallGiving back feels great!  We are moved beyond words each time we hear stories like this, and hope to grow our Gives every year to spread more warmth love and happiness!  We hope that by seeing the impact we are able to make with your help, you’ll want to keep Little Bird Vintage Designs on your wish list all year round!

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