berios-aboutSpreading warmth, love and happiness, one little bird at a time.

Little Bird Vintage Designs™ is a socially conscious business, selling blankets, pillows, apparel, and accessories to help children in need through its Buy Love, Give Love program.

Our Mission

The mission of Buy Love, Give Love is to provide a tangible sense of security to children without. Something that is just for them, consistently safe and loving – a feeling of hope.

Buy Love, Give Love

Buy Love, Give LoveFor every Little Bird Vintage Designs™ blanket or pillow you buy, we will donate a blanket or pillow to a child in need

For all Little Bird Vintage Designs™ clothing and accessories you buy, we will donate 5% to the San Antonio Food Bank’s Growing Healthy Children’s Program.

Buy Love, Give Love.

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From Our Family to Yours

Little Bird Vintage Designs™ was created with a desire to teach Grace Berios’ five children, or fledglings, through action and example how one person, one company, and one gesture can make a difference.

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Eco-Friendly & Kid Safe

Little Bird Vintage Designs™ offers only products that are:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • non-toxic
  • sustainable

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You Can Help a Child in Need

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