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In the fall of 2014, we found out about one of the 5 greatest gifts we would ever receive.  The news met John and I with complete shock and uncertainty…and that was before we knew he would have Down Syndrome.  We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to go through the natural stages of grief, confusion, and scary uncertainty before he arrived, so that upon his entrance into the world at 36 weeks on May 14, 2015, our hearts were overwhelmed with complete joy and fullness!  It’s hard to remember feeling complete before Teddy.  He makes us who we are.  He has opened our eyes to bigger capabilities, dreams and aspirations.  I am so grateful to be his mother and have this front row seat to all that he will achieve and accomplish in his lifetime.  Today is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day.  To honor Teddy, I took the 3/21 pledge and donated $21 to Ruby’s Rainbow at, an organization that helps make higher education and achieving all things possible for people with Down Syndrome.  Second, I pledge to be kind and compassionate to people of all abilities, and to raise my children to do the same.  Finally, 10% of Little Bird Vintage Designs sales this week will be donated to Ruby’s Rainbow.

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